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About Us

Officially, Publisher Salemba was established on 14 March 1983. However, the early history can be traced from idealism of the founders—four alumnae of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (UI)—when they established Pustaka Salemba in 1979, located on Jalan Salemba No. 4, Central Jakarta. They are Sofyan Assauri, Abdul Muttalib, Hotbonar Sinaga, and Amir Abadi Jusuf. Later, Pustaka Salemba became Firma Salemba, and ultimately known as Penerbit Salemba.

Penerbit Salemba mainly provides accounting books for college or university students. Our hundreds of accounting titles have helped Indonesia’s students and lecturers in their learning process. In line with the company’s growth, we expand our titles for broaden studies. Now we have 6 (six) imprints:

1. Salemba Empat (Accounting, Finance, Economics, Management, and Tax)
2. Salemba Teknika (Science, Chemistry, Physics, Math)
3. Salemba Infotek (Information Technology)
4. Salemba Medika (Nursing, Midwifery, Health)
5. Salemba Humanika (Psychology, Sociology, Language, Communications)
6. Salemba Diniyah (Islamic Studies)

The six imprints are legally under PT Salemba Emban Patria (Penerbit Salemba), with Akta Notaris No. 216 Date February 22, 1989 in Jakarta, and approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia based on Decree No. C2-15.407.HT.01.01.TH'94 Date October 13, 1994 with License No. 01822/1824 .51.

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